Daybeds. Summer Trends 2012

Daybeds. Summer Trends 2012

Today we present, in Decoration and Gardening, some great hammocks for the garden. If you find yourself decorating your outdoor spaces, you will surely love Daybed hammocks.

These types of hammocks are very comfortable, so we can use them to lie down or sit and hang out, to sunbathe, read a book, reflect, be accompanied or take a nap.

If we remember for a moment the traditional sunbeds for the summer, Daybed It is simply the great evolution of these sunbeds. A great metamorphosis that we can use comfortably for many coasa and especially to rest.

Its appearance provides great elegance to the spaces, tending great benefits and with a perfect article for those who do not want more sun, who can not sunbathe .. or simply prefer the shade. Normally a canopy for this type of hammock is incorporated.

The Valencians Gandía Blasco are experts in the fusion of design and reliability for outdoor furniture. The collection of these designers is based on an aluminum structure. The mattress is made of nautical fabric in a beautiful white color. This whole scheme is complemented with mobile plastic cloth tarps, so we can sunbathe, have privacy, read a book … whether or not throwing the canvas. The backing of some of the Daybeds is reclining, perfect for those who have problems in the back area.

Other good proposals on the hammock style Daybeds, are Kettal .. as we already know great leaders in the field of outdoor furniture. His modern, contemporary and original ideas give us the best proposals on the Daybeds issue.

In Kettal we will find Dabeds with architectural form, some with beautiful aluminum pergolas .. the ideal of these hammocks is that we can persnalize them as we want, since they are in many different colors, the fabric or the type of curtains, the blinds, the panels There are many different types.

Likewise Dedon offers us the best of the best, fantasy versions and with a very romantic style .. this we will find in the hammocks of the Daydream collection.

Remember that for those who like the futuristic theme we will find completely ergonomic shapes, very innovative designs similar to spaceships.

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