Decor. Difficult areas in the garden

Decor. Difficult areas in the garden

Good morning companions, today we leave you with a great article where we will try to give the best solutions we can. We would like to discuss those we have more complicated corners in the garden.

By complicated I mean areas that we would like to camouflage, places where the wind blows more strongly, areas where the characteristics are not too good, very sunny, rain a lot … etc.

Surely in your garden or patio you will have some small hole of these characteristics, so today we will try to give a beautiful decoration to these spaces.

It doesn't matter if you have a garden, a patio or a terrace, here we leave you with some good suggestions. Imagine that you have in the garden a place where the wind blows too hard all day or normally … in this place we would not put any plants and less if it is delicate.

Among all the great vegetable fan that we have we can recommend some plants such as beech or cypress trees that are more resistant … or we can even use arizonic plants.

On the other hand, imagine that you have a particularly annoying place in your garden and you would love to be able to eliminate it, but as you cannot try to camouflage it … for this we can add a great pergola here … although everything goes according to the pocket.

We can also add climbing plants or similar species, in this way the area in question will go more unnoticed, because we have decorated it beautifully.

Now, if the area in question is bathed by the son during the whole day the best thing we can do is add plants that tolerate a lot of sun such as cacti, Mediterranean or crasas – of which we were already talking about – These and others are plants that support the sun well and do not need too much irrigation … but this does not mean you stop watering them.

Finally imagine that you have an area in the garden that usually forms puddles every time it rains .. here you will not want to plant anything because any plant would die drowned .. therefore the best thing that we are going to recommend in this case is a good drainage.

Anyway in these areas it is best to look for plants that adapt perfectly to a humid environment … among these plants are the reed, bamboo or calamus .. beautiful and decorative plants that will make these areas the best!

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