Decor. Small porches - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decor. Small porches – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about some tips when decorating your porch.

If you have a small porch, that is, small, today we leave you these suggestions that you can easily put into practice.

No matter the dimensions of your exteriors, surely with the best decoration and distribution we can make them an ideal space.

Take advantage of your porch and make it so beautiful and rustic, as comfortable … it is an easy task even if it is small. Taking advantage of space will be one of the secrets.

Give a rustic touch to your porch with some construction benches. If they are placed in the same color as the façade, we will provide a good place to sit our guests and it will also seem, the space, bigger .. by mimicking more with the house.

As the workbenches are not the most comfortable .. you can add cushions, mats and cushions on them … the color you like most ..

You can also add a great armchair, for example teak wood .. it is an excellent material for outdoor spaces.

It is very important textiles, for example curtains and other items to cover the sun a little and generate shade are usually canvas. Although we can also put a structure and put them in a resistant fabric.

If you can choose, select acrylic awnings as it will last much longer. The PVC ones are perfect for humid places and the technical fabrics will reduce heat more, as they can perspire.

The lighting is very important, place some great lanterns on the facade or floor lighting. If you have a structure you can place a hanging lamp … you'll see what space is left!

Remember to add some beautiful surface to place the drink, books or anything you need and go!

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