Decor. Small terraces - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decor. Small terraces – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In yesterday's space we talked about decorating porches of small dimensions .. today we will talk about how to decorate a small terrace.

If you have a terrace, of a few square meters, today we leave you some great solutions to decorate this space.

If you have a terrace we have to take full advantage of all the space it gives us, even if it is little .. learn to take advantage of everything, from the floor, the railing, to the roof.

In this case, the most important of these spaces is the recreation of pleasant places, a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The secret to doing this will be to have some chairs and a surface.

In the market we can find great furniture, of economic prices and that we can fold them easily or they are of small dimensions.

But the ideal will be to find folding furniture or to be used with double function .. as a small trunk where we can sit and also keep blankets and cushions .. or whatever you need.

To give a feeling of spaciousness, your thing is to paint the balcony in light colors like white … the window or the door also in this color and even the railing you can paint it in white.

Another good solution to make them look bigger is to link them with the living room, so that the balcony or terrace looks like an extension of it.

In this case try to use sliding doors, so we give way to achieve this. Then we will use the glass both to divide, and to create a harmonious space.

If you install a great lattice, we can use it as a practical resource to gain some privacy on the terrace … so it will seem that it is closed and we can have the sliding door open … as we said before it will seem an extension of the living room.

You can add some vines to be distributed by the lattice, you will see that more beautiful terrace is.

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