Decorate in white with pots and vases

Good morning friends! Today I would like to give you a great idea, especially when the hottest months come.

What do you think of the decoration in white? I love it, it also has many factors that make it take full advantage of the spaces.

Whether with paint, wallpaper, furniture or textiles … the color white provides lighting, it seems that we have more space at home and gives a lot of elegance.

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<p>Today in Decoration and Gardens we also aim at the target, in this way I leave you a great option for your favorite corners.</p>
<p>How about decorating your home with pots and vases in white? I think it is an idea of ​​the most elegant and also gives joy to the house.</p>
<p>You can use already white pots or paint them yourself, it's easy .. you just have to take a little white paint, paint one or several layers and let dry.</p>
<p>Glass jars, canned cans, vases … everything can be painted white. If it is glass better paint them inside .. they will look better and the vase or the bottle will not lose its shine.</p>
<p>If it is a canister you can always paint it on the outside, it can be very beautiful .. you will see how the result surprises you.</p>
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<p>Choose a group of vases, pots and glass jars … all in white or previously painted in this color.</p>
<p>Now plant or transplant a beautiful plant or flower that you like, within the entire compilation.</p>
<p>Then we just have to find a nice place at home to put them, like a ledge, at the bottom of the stairs, on the terrace, on the balcony.</p>
<p>It is also a great idea because you can even plant white flowers … but I think I prefer to give a touch of color with a colorful plant!</p>
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