Decorate Live - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate Live – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning to all! Today in Decoration and Gardens We will talk about live decoration and how it can help us make the most of all our environments.

You know that we love decorating using flowers, plants and giving a fresh air to our home .. what we are going to do, we love the natural!

And so here we leave you some great ideas that we can implement in our home to be part of the environment itself.

Not only can we decorate with plants and their corresponding pots, planters or vases … there is a wide variety of objects and furniture on the market that have been made entirely or in part, with the help of plants and other natural fibers.

We know that many of the garden furniture They are made with spectacular fibers that give great appeal to our exteriors.

For interior we will also find many things, in addition to the vertical walls that we can use both inside and outside, we can add furniture called live !!

These types of pieces have been made mostly with plants or natural and biodegradable fibers. With them we can cause great reactions and sensations in our rooms.

Nature becomes the protagonist, this time, of all our rooms … in them we can include pieces like this chair called Terra Grass.. are indoor furniture that incorporates vegetation in themselves.

Like this chair we will find all kinds of furniture and natural decorative elements .. being a very refreshing and elegant idea to add them in our homes.

There are many designers who incorporate a natural design to their works, for example it is the case of Deger Cengiz that combines a chair or kind of Chaise lawn, with grass that will be the support surface.

Shinwei Rhoda Yen It is incorporated with a splendid bench of natural wood, including fungi in one of the internal areas of it. Although his philosophy is much deeper ..

As you can see there are a lot of designs that try to incorporate the natural inside and outside of our homes … dare you?

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