Decorate pots with pencils - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate pots with pencils – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today I leave you with this wonderful pot decorated with something that is not usually seen and that is simply used to draw and write!

If you don't get an idea, look at the image. You can see a small pot of cheerful hues and a slightly weird texture ..

if you look better you will see that they are pencils! and it is that a curious, friendly and cheerful decoration can be obtained with the most unexpected objects.

pot "src =" "width =" 475 "height =" 340 "/> Surely in Your house has extra pencils or you can buy some to make this decoration.</p>
<p>You can also replace them with colored pens, as you want and you can also use the colors you want.</p>
<p>In this way you have a great combination so that, the decorated pot, combine and take out the best of the corner where you put it.</p>
<p>Think of how many ways there are to decorate some pots, they are infinities .. besides the imagination that we add.</p>
<p>That is why I love to collect, from time to time, some of these ideas. Thanks to them you can get your own or add something else you like.</p>
<p>On this occasion, the pot has a fun ornament based on pencils with rubber bands … those of a lifetime.</p>
<p>It is easy to achieve and you can do it in more or less large pots, you just need to increase the number of pencils used, even put a double row of them.</p>
<p>Now, if you have a pot, take it and clean it very well, in this way we will get rid of impurities such as dirt or dust. Thus we help the pencils to adhere better.</p>
<p>Now with a little silicone and patience, go sticking each pencil one by one. Place them pressed a little and well straight or with the shape you want to give them.</p>
<p>When it is fixed, go for the next one and so on until it ends around the entire outline of the pot.</p>
<p>When the pencils are fixed, you can add an extra ornament like a piece of rustic rope or a ribbon with a flower, as it is this time.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=sheknows

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