Decorate the garden with stones

Decorate the garden with stones

Good morning friends! Today we talk about how to decorate our garden with beautiful colored stones.

On other occasions we have talked about how to enrich the outdoor areas with boulders or stones in many ways.

The colored stones will be the protagonists of the article that we offer today as a decorative possibility.

Colored stones are a fun chromatic solution, we can also make it very elegant using stones of one or two colors.

We can combine them in as many ways as creativity we have. They are also very simple to do, I mean paint.

You can get colored stones in many establishments, but we can also paint them.

If you like the idea, take as many stones as you need, wash them and remove all impurities. Then you just need some paint and ready to decorate.

As a decorative solution, for gardens, it is a great idea. You can make beautiful environments with colored stones.

Marking a path in the garden or in the courtyard can be a beautiful decorative option … place one stone after another … marking the entire path or path.

It is also a good idea to decorate pots, planters and planters. Placing them around or inside will be beautiful.

If you have a well you can put them around them, they will provide a very special touch .. you can also put them around other objects that you want to highlight.

Group them in your favorite corners, you will see how the protagonists of the decoration are made!

It is a good idea to form drawings with them, especially if they are round or the same size or so.

Invent a design and locate the stones as you have thought. Views from afar will be beautiful.

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