Decorate the garden with your children

Good morning friends, today I leave you with an idea to decorate the garden with the help of your children.

Sometimes for them to feel important and responsible, activities can be carried out with them.

We will also spend more time with our children, sharing something that the whole family will like.

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<p>This time we will see a decorative idea, to put it in the garden and in all your outdoor areas .. although if you have imagination you can also place it in your children's bedroom.</p>
<p>It is a great decorative solution, to make with the help of your children. Now that the good weather arrives you can add a little color to the garden, the terrace or the patio with these fabric flowers.</p>
<p>It is very simple to do, especially if you have a small wooden go. These cars can also be purchased at affordable prices in large areas.</p>
<p>Once you have it, first prepare it before our children can do something .. since some tools will be used that they should not touch.</p>
<p>Sand all the wood well, remove impurities and other sawdust that may exist. Also paint the color that you like, in this case it is white.</p>
<p>Let it dry well, after the layers you had to give. You can also paint it in many colors or make a design that you like more.</p>
<p>Now with many pieces of cloth flowers will be made .. at this stage you can help yourself with your children.</p>
<p>Tell them to trim pieces of cloth, many colors and the texture we want. These pieces will make or simulate the petals of each flower.</p>
<p>These petals are attached or fixed to the wood, taking the form of a flower. You can fix them with glue or silicone.</p>
<p>Finally with pieces of green wool, we are going to make the stems and if you want the leaves that these flowers lack.</p>
<p>Paste all this well into the wood .. children can choose the fabrics and trim them with scissors without a tip.</p>
<p>You will see how well you have fun and then you will see, your children, their own designs in the garden.</p>
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