Decorate the office with natural plants

Decorate the office with natural plants

Good morning friends! In today's space we give you some ideas and tips to add freshness to your office. We will do this through completely natural elements and items.

With the help of some plants, flowers and furniture in natural fibers .. you can give your office a cooler environment.

You don't need to put too many flowers and plants in the office. Find the one that best suits your needs and the space that lies ahead.

If you have very little space you can always contemplate the idea of ​​choosing a wall and place a good vertical garden there.

But if it is not your case or you simply do not want a green wall, there are other ways to turn to implement the plants in the office.

In a pot you can put some species that you like and place them in a beautiful corner.

If you have a desk or office table, there will be nothing wrong with putting one or several small pots there. You can choose the species you like best, but keep in mind that they are indoor plants.

Perhaps in the office not of the sun all day and we do not want you to choose a species that needs sun and you can not give it to it because the plant will not last at all.

You can put small cacti in pretty pots. If you have a meeting room or there is a small table for coffee, in your office .. you can add a great centerpiece with large leaves and plants like bamboo .. it will look great.

Think of aquatic plants, give a touch of the most attractive to any space. As you see decorating with natural plants is not so complicated, we just have to know what we want.

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