Decorate the vases with rope

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to offer you a great idea to decorate all kinds of vases and bottles.

These vases can be of almost any material, such as glass, plastic, ceramics .. Decorating with vases is a beautiful solution! I love to see them, along with beautiful flowers.

You can make several groups of vases or even recycle plastic or glass bottles that you have at home.

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<p style=But for this we are going to decorate them a little before and for that we only need rope. If you are tired of seeing your old vase, do not think about throwing it away .. there is always a solution to recycle it.

Also for all those people who like the recycling of plastic or glass bottles .. they can do it.

Use what you are going to use, the first thing is to wash the container well .. we do not want any other impurities. For this, just a little soap and water.

Then let it dry very well, when we have finished we take rustic rope. This rope can be purchased on many surfaces and you can get it in different colors.

Choose the color you like best, the natural one of a lifetime is the one that I like the most .. but you can buy rope in green, blue, red, pink…

Now, take one of the vases and start to glue from the base, adhere the rope and begin to slowly thread the rope throughout the vase.

Remember that you have to put some glue in the sections of rope so that it adheres well.

To finish you can even give a layer with some carpenter's tail. When finished drying it will be completely transparent and we will have given a layer to resist the vase more.

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