decorar con piedras en forma de cactus

Decorate with cactus turned stones

Today I propose to decorate with stones in such a special way … let's turn them into cacti! The elements that nature gives us can be used in the decoration, to create fun and attractive home accessories, like the one we see below. It is a great and fun idea even to make them with our children, this summer.

If you like to decorate with stones, now you have it very easy choose those that are flat and rounded by erosion. They can be river stones or stones that you find on the beach, by the shore or in the sea. Collect a few of these stones in different sizes, but remember to be rounded and elongated.

Once you have them, clean them very well of any other sand or other things. Then choose a beautiful pot to put them, with a little dirt or something else you like. A part get green paint and a brush. Paint all the paintings well green, you can play with different shades on each of the stones.

When the paint has dried, choose a small, fine-tipped brush … to add the cactus spines. With a little white or yellow paint add dots or starry dots, you can also make vertical stripes and then add points with a series of edges that come out. Simulate as many cacti as you want and let them dry well before catching them.

To finish, take the pot, the pot or planter you have prepared and fit each stone vertically. Make small holes and then cover with another layer of soil or whatever you want to put so that the stones do not fall or move. As you can see it is easy to do and we already have a centerpiece or an ornament to decorate your favorite corners. What do you think?

Photo: imgfave

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