macetas de colores

Decorate with colored pots

Good morning friends, the truth is that I love the color .. a colorful decoration can be achieved by decorating with colored pots.. something that gives joy and desire to smile ..

And as this is good and therapeutic, let's see what we can do to make our interior areas, as well as areas of Exterior, be much happier.

There is a wide range of possibilities, to make our spaces more happy… for example through color.

A great idea, and if you like plants and plants flowers, is to decorate the pots you have at home with colors.

To decorate the pots, based on colors, you can use many different techniques, styles and designs.

Today I leave you with some photography to give you an idea. Think about decorating some of your pots or buying colorful pots, you will see how our home is happy.

Also in the market you will find all kinds of pot, in many different colors. You can buy colored planters or paint the ones you already have.

Try to choose bright colors and harmonious combinations. You can decorate with pots in neutral color or also incorporate two or more colors to the decoration.

But they do not need to be only uniform colors, you can also add designs you want to make … from doing it yourself with a brush or a special marker … to add other elements.

With some silicone or other material that helps to fix, we can add some colored beads.

The truth that decorating the pots has its charm! Another great idea is to use textiles that you have stored for crafts and other things, and line the fabric pot.

It looks much better than it looks and you can decorate any space in your home. Add a nice centerpiece with colored pots, put them on the stairs, on the terrace, on the wall, in the garden or on the balcony ..

colored pots


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