Decorate with colored rocking chairs

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with these lovely rocking chairs that are capable of decorating outdoor environments too.

The image has been lovely, since it is a lot of rocking chairs together with beautiful colors. The chosen shades are quite vibrant and give a special joy.

These chosen colors can be changed to others that you like more. Anyway I propose this project, as it seems a way to give color to the outdoor areas.

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<p>If you have a large patio, also a large terrace or a porch … or a similar area, there will be nothing wrong seeing this beautiful complex.</p>
<p>It is also a great idea to renew those rocking chairs that we have at home. You may not have so many, but with two or three it will be really great.</p>
<p>Try to eliminate well the varnish that these rocking chairs have, in this way the paint will endure and penetrate much more in the wood.</p>
<p>You can do this with a coarse sandpaper or with an electric sander. It is easy, but try to eliminate all the remains well.</p>
<p>After this task, clean the rocking chair well and apply the color you like best. You can do it in several layers, this way it will take on a more intense color.</p>
<p>Choose, as I said the tones you want .. here we see them in pink, orange, blue, yellow and green ..</p>
<p>When they have dried well, apply a layer of colorless varnish and ready to decorate our outdoor spaces.</p>
<p>The configuration or location of these rocking chairs is essential. On this occasion the visual secret lies, in addition to the shades, in the composition of the seats.</p>
<p>If you place them horizontally to the wall, it will be something similar to what we see in the image and more if the floor is wooden.</p>
<p>You can also change this composition and distribute them by the meeting area in the garden or in other ways.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=theparakeetslounge

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