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Decorate with cups and flowers

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with a beautiful centerpiece made with cups and flowers.

The idea is great and the end result cannot be more attractive. If you want to add a different touch to your table, nothing like a touch of unreality … with a flower that we like.

If you like vintage decoration, this pleasant centerpiece can decorate any of the surfaces of your home.

It is as simple as it seems, if you have cups in the house that you do not use or that you want to put them in a decorative way .. count on them!

In this case we see a cup of very simple lines, the raw green color in the whole set and is combined with the white color.

Inside the cup is a beautiful flower, in purple. With a little fertilized soil, you can transplant the flowers you like best on some cups.

You can put one or several cups, creating the set you like best. In addition to using this to decorate a table, you can also do it to decorate windows, shelves or your favorite corner.

If you like houseplants, take advantage and put one in your favorite cup. You can achieve many different types of environments, in this case something vintage.

But if you like rustic styles, you can add a rope or maybe another type of cup. It also serves to decorate more romantic spaces.

If you have a special date, put one or several cups with roses .. it will look great. You can choose the combination of red and white, for a special occasion.

If you have bigger events, such as a wedding … it's also a great idea to decorate the banquet tables.

Here you have the pictures to give you a little idea. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Photo: replayground

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