Decorate with flowers and perfume bottles

Today I propose to decorate with flowers and perfumes How? taking advantage of those bottles that have run out, but you like them too much to get rid of them. But if you ever think about throwing (always in the glass container) the finished containers… just take advantage of them!

These items can help enrich the decoration of our favorite corners. It is an easy, practical and very beautiful idea. You can also take advantage of cologne bottles, although they are usually larger, they will look great. Since perfume and cologne containers are usually made of glass (with or without color) the material is perfect for reflecting sunlight and lamps (at night)

I always say that glass is a good material to add details at home, without the need to see everything too loaded with objects. Above all it is an essential material in small houses. Here are some examples of how the perfume and cologne bottles are, decorated with beautiful flowers.

Decorating with flowers is very easy and you have a wide range of possibilities. This option that I propose is one of many that you can use. One tip I give is to clean the bottles very well, once the perfume is finished. In this way fill with fresh water and then add one or two flowers that you like.

To last longer, remember to cut the stem diagonally, leaving a tip that will make it easier to absorb water. Then add half aspirin and let it fall apart … this procedure makes the flowers last fresh for longer. Another option is to add cloth or plastic flowers, although the fresh ones … are simply the best.

Add flowers that give off a heady aroma, but not a smell that saturates our senses. The roses, a bouquet of hydrangeas or some aromatic herbs will look great. You can collect some of these jars and put them near the window, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the bedroom, as a centerpiece or on a shelf. What do you think?


Photo: beautifulbluebrides; littlehouseonthevalley

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