Decorate with flowers. Enter the color in your life

Decorate with flowers. Enter the color in your life

Good morning friends, in today's space we will love to give you a great idea to decorate our spaces with flowers. If you love flowers, plants and their beautiful colors .. here we leave you a new proposition where we will make these great pots to place them on any of our surfaces.

If you have a garden, you will surely love this idea, take advantage of the flowers and also decorate the interior of your home with them. Now that spring is coming, well that we are already in it, the flowers give a comfortable, fresh, fragrant and full of color to any of our spaces.

Flowers are great decorative elements that we can introduce into our home. With them we can make beautiful compositions of the colors that we like and place them in beautiful vases, make great centerpieces … or place some pots at home.

Today we propose you to set the home with flowers in classic pots. If you have tiny pots, these will be ideal for making the base of these decorative flowers. The pot we put it small so that the prominence is carried by the flowers, so they will look more.

On this occasion the trend has marked the use of pink and blue gerberas. These flowers have very thin and very rigid stems. In this way the flowers are kept upright and it looks even better.

We will find these flowers in the market or to plant them in a wide range of colors … although this time they are pink and blue, we can find them in other varieties, so choose the color you like best and combine them as you see fit taking into account The rest of the decoration.

Finally, at the base of the pot some copies of Eucalyptus spring… this way it is much more colorful, pleasant and nice to look at … make as many as you want … then we can place them in some tables giving color to the house.

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