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Good morning friends! Today in our space we will love to talk about indoor decoration based on plants and flowers from the garden.

Whether or not you have a garden, the idea of ​​decorating our home with natural flowers is undoubtedly one of the best options … since the plants bring great freshness and dynamism to the environment.

On this occasion we will tell you about the special touch that plants bring to any room, including the bathroom … it also perfumes it naturally.

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<p>Many of us avoid decorating with natural flowers because they usually last very little in vases or wherever we put it. Because of this, some opted for plastic or cloth plants or flowers.</p>
<p>But if you have a garden, it may be worth putting some natural flowers in our environment. Natural flowers usually begin to wilt after two days … depending on which plant.</p>
<p>But today we leave you some small tricks that will make the flowers stay fresh longer and so we decide to give natural flowers a chance.</p>
<p>Take the vase that you like and in the background you will add a potato or potato, yes … it is not fiction … it may be something strange but it is so.</p>
<p>If you do this you will see that the flowers will last you much longer, the ideal thing for this to happen is to try to nail the stems of them, in the potato.</p>
<p>Once this is done, add water to the vase … and voila! As you can see it is a very simple way to keep our natural plants longer ..</p>
<p>We remind you that introducing half aspirin in the water of the flowers, also gives results and something more important will be the way we have to cut the stems .. always remember diagonally and that the tip is looking down…. To cut the flower must be cut in the early morning.</p>
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