Decorate with flowers in the bathroom

Decorate with flowers in the bathroom

Good morning friends, in today's space we talk about how to introduce the nature in our bathroom

I love flowers, plants … that's why a good idea is to introduce them in our bathroom. The flowers beautify the environment, just look at them!

Plants and flowers serve much more than we think, they give color to the room if we look for elements that contribute.

They also offer harmony, if we put similar plants and in the same color .. If you are looking for originality, the plants and flowers can also offer it.

Their colors, the elegance and the audacity of many, make our rooms the most attractive.

For me in a good decor small details must be included, this will enrich it. For example, small flowers placed in jars, an elegant pot on the floor, a pot hanging from the ceiling.

Here you have a small sample of photographs to get ideas for the bath. Remember that you can do it in the rest of the house, there are thousands of ideas .. choose the one that best suits your decorative needs.

vase in the bathroom

This time we talk about plants in the bathroom, which in addition to transmitting color, contrast and joy, contribute to the most relaxed and comfortable environment.

Think about how big your bathroom is, no matter what size.. but we have to take it into account to decorate with plants.

vase with white flowers

A great flower pot, inside a tiny bathroom will not make the decoration comfortable, relaxing and attractive .. it will contribute to the visual strain.

While the right plants will give free rein to our imagination. If you don't have space, think about hanging a pot from the ceiling. You can also think of small glass vases.

vases with flowers


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