Decorate with pots

Here you have a new idea, to decorate with pots or pots you have at home. If not, you can always buy a few, you can find them at the cheapest prices. In addition you can always choose the size that suits you. But first of all, I present the great idea.

In this photographs we see how a lamp has been used as a support, where some lovely pots are located. The sherds are full of beautiful colored flowers, you can plant what you like best. I consider it a spectacular idea with which you will be doing several things.

One of them is to recycle both an old lamp you have, and the pots you have at home or have empty. In addition you will be giving a touch, completely artistic to your home and very natural. Of course we don't see a luminaire every day, like this one, decorating some part of the home.

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<p>This idea is perfect for people who have a chandelier, which they don't use. You can always clean very well and repaint it. Now, choose the color you like best .. this time it is a beautiful light blue. It makes your eyes as soon as you see the color of the lamp and the flowers coming out on it.</p>
<p>The pots have also been painted, as you see, in the same color and tone as the rest of the lamp. In this way they give a lot of play, you can change the color for another if you want. Apart from this, we see that the tulips have been replaced by pots … an extraordinary idea.</p>
<p>Eliminate light bulbs and tulips, you can always reserve them for something else you can think of! Instead add as many pots as arms have the lamp, but try to make sure they go well. Finally hang the lamp, in a place that you like and is well lit and ready!</p>
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