Decorate with Statice! - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate with Statice! – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today we are in Decoration and Gardens to talk about a great plant, belonging to the family of Plumbaginaceae.

This beautiful plant specifically has some flowers that are widely used in decoration, both indoors and for planting outdoors.

His scientific name is Limonium sinuatum and is native to North Africa. Although we usually know it with the name of Statice, this flower can also be found in some Mediterranean areas, such as the coastal ones.

If you want to grow it, here we leave you with some things you should know. For example, flowering usually occurs when temperatures rise. If winter is not very hard in your region, they will surely bloom at the end of the season ..

The plant is evergreen, although we can find several varieties or species .. the Statice is usually of variable height .. between about 25 cm to a little more than a meter high.

Its leaves are oblong lobed pennates and if you want more information we tell you that its flowers are harmonious, which we can see in the form of a group, like spikes tilted on the stem.

These little trumpets can be found in many different colors … even within the same plant and flower we can see two different colors. With this chromatic richness it is normal for these delicate flowers to be used to make bouquets and great floral arrangements.

In landscaping it is also used, so we can design a beautiful garden where we include the Statice, also because it is a plant that does not need much care.

Statice It is not a demanding plant and has very attractive results .. it just needs a lot of sun .. it is the only thing.

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