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Decorate with succulents and glass bottles

Today I leave you with this idea to decorate with succulents and glass bottles, do you dare? The idea in question is easy and striking, since we don't usually see this kind of thing in any house we go. Of course, for curious and different decorations, the idea I propose today is not bad.

Glass bottles are great items to recycle and turn them into things we had never thought of. You can also make this same decorative proposal with plastic bottles, although remember that if possible we have to perform a good drainage for the plants.

If it is merely decorative and you will not include real plants, nothing happens, but if we are going to decorate with fresh plants we will have to create some drainage system such as holes in the container. It is also an option to resort to plants that do not need much irrigation.

Therefore it is great to turn to plants such as succulents, these species that exist in many different ways … they are small plants that are easily taken care of since they do not require anything special. In fact, these types of plants are widely used for people who do not have too much time to care for their most beloved specimens. People who have a strict schedule where they spend many hours away from home or go on vacation for a long period of time.

The idea that I propose today can be done with different types of bottles, also if you know how to cut the glass it will be much simpler. Always act with gloves and glasses so that the glass does not jump into the eyes. It is a great idea to file the edges that have been cut, to round them and that can be handled safely to cut.

Then fill with fertile soil and whatever you think is convenient, to add your favorite plants. On this occasion the mouth of the bottle can be a good drain and to conserve moisture the glass or plastic are great materials. The idea of ​​leaving or removing the cap is great to control the humidity inside the container. How about decorating your favorite corners?

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