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Decorate with the pots left over

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you some great pots that will help you decorate all the spaces you need.

As you can see they are small and large pots lined with newspaper. It has been played with size for two reasons. One so that the whole set is much more stable.

The second reason is to give dynamism to all the scenery. And speaking of scenery, it is a great idea to line all the pots.

As you hear it, when you are tired of your pots … you see them on a daily basis or you have some pots and you don't know what to do with them … I give you some ideas.

This, in addition to everything I've said before, is also a fantastic option to decorate small spaces.

You see that the structure of everything is made so that the pots are arranged vertically. In this way you will optimize the little space you have.

A great idea to place it in outdoor areas and indoor areas. Of course, you have to be clear where you want to place it, because depending on this .. you will add the plants that best fit.

If you go indoors, add houseplants. On the other hand, if you are going to decorate your patio, garden or terrace … you better choose suitable plants for the time you live where you live.

For the rest it is easy, the first thing is to put the pot of larger dimensions, in the last position .. that is to say under everything.

Then add the plant, if you don't have it already on. On this pot, stick a stick or something vertical .. something that holds the other pots.

Think that if you put small pots, you do not have to eat your head a lot thinking what to put to hook the pots and not fall.

You can also plant aromatic herbs or plants that fall down. It's an idea!

Photo: craftionary

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