Decorate with vegetables – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with some ideas to introduce vegetables, within our decoration.

the other day I left a great image of a centerpiece, perfect to fill it with the occasional vegetable that we like.

It is a brilliant idea, which will give that touch or brushstroke of naturalness that we seek for the stay.

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<p>You can also take the opportunity to recycle many bottles and jars or glass jars with the vegetables and fruits that you like the most.</p>
<p>They are beautiful as an ornament on shelves, cupboards or in some corner of the kitchen. You can use boats the size you like best with fruits or vegetables. The beautiful thing is to create different color combinations.</p>
<p>Clear glass bottles or jars that have a wide mouth, as they are easier to refill … they will be great.</p>
<p>Another idea is to chop vegetables or fruits. You can use frozen vegetables like baby carrots, beans, beans, strawberries). You could even cut tomatoes, peppers or any fruit or vegetable in half.</p>
<p>Then take a cork to put in the cap, if the boat is wide you can buy cork and cut to size of the mouth of the container.</p>
<p>To decorate you can add, rustic ropes, leather cords, threads or some pretty fabric bow if you want to embellish the bottle (optional)</p>
<p>In hot water, wash the vegetables or fruits that you are going to use. They are dried with paper towels and reserved. If you use frozen vegetables or fruits, let them thaw a little.</p>
<p>Then fill the container and add oil in the bottle, leaving at least 3 or 4 cm free in the part of the cap.</p>
<p>Put the cork in the bottle and seal the edges with transparent silicone. Let dry. Then you can put a piece of plaid or polka dot fabric on top of the cork. You surround it with a little cord or thin rope.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=homemadesimple

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