Decorate with vines and climbers

Decorate with vines and climbers

Good morning friends of Decoration and Gardens, today we will love to talk about climbing plants and vines as a decorative solution for some of our gardens or patios and terraces.

Remember that with them we can cover exterior or even interior walls, giving them a natural and fresh look … above all they are ideal for rustic environments.

For the garden or any interior patio will also provide shade and privacy .. with these plants we can upholster almost any type of surface, yes .. it will be based on the weather, climate and soil quality that we present … depending on the floor we can plant vines or climbers.

The difference between these two beautiful flowers is that climbing plant some type of support is necessary to be able to go up the wall or ceiling and thus cover the areas.

On the contrary the climbing plant has certain suction cups and tendrils that reach many meters high and this makes it alone .. so it does not need supports.

Among the climbers we can distinguish the bigtnonia or the bougainvillea, these are the best known and recommended to decorate and upholster walls or fences … due to the leafiness of its leaves and its resistance becomes one of the best plants to use them in this purpose .

Any of this plants carries a large decorative load due to the flowers that we can see, both in the bougainvillea, as in the bignonia, during the hot months.

We comment that the virgin grapevine, a vine or climber according to what you need, is recommended for soils that are problematic because they can be planted in almost all types of soils.

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