Decorate with wicker baskets as pots

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with these great wicker baskets used as pots.

It is an excellent idea to take advantage of those baskets that you have and do not use at all or are slightly deteriorated.

The concept is great, some baskets whose goal was never to be a pot or gardener .. now they act as such.

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<p>And not only this, they also look great! The flowers fall a little and the baskets have been hung vertically.</p>
<p>You can put them where you like them, either on the wall, on the ceiling, outside on the terrace, in the patio, on the balcony.</p>
<p>Being placed vertically they do not take up much space, so they become another great solution to decorate places of few square meters.</p>
<p>On this occasion the set consists of three equal baskets, except that the dimensions are not the same.</p>
<p>As you can see they are arranged in the form of a waterfall, the largest basket is in the lower area, the further up your view goes you will see that the rest are decreasing in size.</p>
<p>You can put as many baskets as you want, although in this case there are three. It is not very complicated to do the whole set.</p>
<p>First you will have to clean the baskets, then put them exactly as you want them to go .. on some flat surface.</p>
<p>Carefully go passing a rope from basket to basket, vertically. One rope at each end and the other rope at the other.</p>
<p>So that the baskets are sustained, try to make them a knot under it and in its four corners. You can help yourself with some glue so that it resists the knot and the basket more.</p>
<p>Now you can hang these baskets wherever you like, using the ropes themselves to which you can add a hook or something similar.</p>
<p>Finally add the plants you like best!</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=abeautifulmess

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