Decorate with your Camellias - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate with your Camellias – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about caring for camellias. If you love camellias and grow them, here are some small tips that will surely come in handy.

The camellias, for some, they can be one of the most beautiful flowers that exist .. this in many occasions is simply because throughout history they have been related to romanticism, to love.

That is why many people bet on decorating with camellias or planting them in the garden, although to do this we must learn what they need to be able to develop in their fullness.

Above all, we must know that camellias and winter are extremely compatible, when winter plants can kill other plants … the camellias favor them. There are a wide variety of camellias, get the ones that suit you!

Now, you love camellias and you don't know if your soil type is ideal. From here we tell you that in order for them to adapt to your garden, the soil must be acidic, flexible and not very dry … in this way the plant will adapt better to moist soils.

If you are not sure that your land is like this and you want to plant it in the garden, outside … you can make a hole and then fill it with an acid and light substrate. In a hill we can also grow it, since by requiring water from this plant, it will drain better.

We can also grow them in beautiful pots and decorate our home with them, remember that there is a wide range of colors of these plants .. we can find them in red, white, yellow, in various colors, a great chromatic richness for our home.

Finally we remind you that camellias are not very friendly to the sun … because the rapid change in temperature, especially when night falls can be harmful.

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