Decorate your Balcony - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate your Balcony – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens We will talk about the decoration of balconies. If you have a balcony, whatever it is, here are some great proposals.

Convert the balcony of your home in a comfortable and very pleasant space, no matter how small or large, surely we can do something to see it spectacularly.

Today we do not need to invest too much to have a most charming balcony, with some floor and some lamps we will add charm to our balcony. If you want some more proposals, read on.

If your balcony enjoys a good view, try to make it the protagonist, do not add things that obstruct the view. But if you don't lose anything, on the contrary it can be unpleasant, we can always cover it with plants.

Hanging some planters on the roof bordering the entire balcony we can be surprised at the result and avoid the views out. Remember that in addition the hanging plants, the ubiques where you do it, will give a feeling of space.

Another item to turn to will be a small statue or the size that fits your balcony. Place it among some plants. In addition, if your doors are made of glass, those that open onto the balcony, by placing the statue in front we can enjoy it.

Lighting is one of the crucial factors in a good decoration, you can add one or two lights in good position. In this way we will give the balcony an intimate and modern touch, try wall or floor lamps.

If you want something romantic hang a lighthouse with some flowers inside, this lighthouse is to simply decorate. But if you need more light, you can add a paper lamp, the lighting will be very special.

To enjoy the balcony even more, add a seat, accustoming it to the space you have can be small chairs or stools and the corners will be the backrests.

An idea is to cover a trunk with a beautiful cloth and add some cushions on top … you will see how comfortable .. and add a focal point on it, so we will be illuminated and we can read.

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