Decorate your Balcony. Ideas - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate your Balcony. Ideas – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to propose some great ideas especially for those who have a balcony or terrace.

No matter the type of balcony that you have or of terrace, today we want to propose some great ideas that can be used to take advantage of even the smallest corner of this space.

Now that spring is coming and the good weather is time to take advantage of this outdoor space and prepare it for hot days.

If you have a balcony there are two things that should not be missing in the space .. a place to sit comfortably and green plants that bring freshness to the environment.

If it fits us on the terrace, we can always place a couple of chairs, not very large, next to a table .. in this way we can have breakfast, eat, snack or read while we see our views and take a little air.

In another corner we can add some pots of the color we want, with the plants that we like, so we will make a great green corner.

In other articles we have already talked about the gardens or vertical walls .. they are one of the best solutions, especially for small terraces where we cannot place any pot on the ground or railing. We also recommend it for modern spaces.

The vertical walls can help to dress the walls of our terrace, adding green and freshness … on the roof we can add some vine by helping us with wires to guide its growth. On the railing is another option to put the flowers that we like the most.

This option is especially for those who love flowers and plants .. who want to create a beautiful green corner where they can reflect.

But otherwise we can transform this outdoor space into a beautiful office or workbench to put the workshop .. a place to work or to be inspired by a trade.

We can also put a place of leisure for children, if we have children it can be the perfect place for them to play in summer.

With some colored cushions so that they can sit on the floor, a small rug, some toys, drawers, organizers to store them,… we can paint children's motifs for this special corner and some chairs of their size or small puff.

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