decorar con flores

Decorate your favorite corners with painted flowers

Decorating with painted flowers is much easier than it seems. In addition we will be offering our home a unique decoration … I don't know about you but I love to give a certain personal touch in the decoration of any space, I think it is not enough to have the trends in hand … know a little what it takes, what It is fashionable … but when it comes to work, to decorate, I think that we should not give so much importance.

Think of a decoration with which you feel comfortable and then how you can combine those things or colors that make you be calm and comfortable in your own home, so that they are divine. Not everything that is most expensive is necessary for the rooms to look nice, sometimes things have to be put in style, given in the right place and ready … you may have something very expensive, but if you are not betting in the right place What's the use

Before I go on other paths, today I leave some examples to decorate our spaces with painted flowers. If you love decorating your corners with plants or flowers, graffiti is another option. It is also an idea to paint them ourselves, you can always buy some and create a great place, but I think it is better to stain our hands a little bit and create the color that we like the most.

Already in other articles I have left you the bases to learn to paint the flowers in your own home, in a very simple way with dyes whose prolonged time makes the flower take more or less intensity. Really painting the flowers is not a bad idea, you can make great centerpieces, put them in a pot or choose a beautiful vase. Here you have some images to know how they look What do you think?

decorate with flowers

decorate with painted flowers

Photo: ruffledblog; beaumondemama

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