Decorate your garden with giant ladybugs

Decorate your garden with giant ladybugs

Good morning friends! Today we talk about a very special article that more than one of you will love. It is an article for decorate the garden, will give life and joy with its nice design. If you have children at home, nothing better than adding some details like these and they will surely love it.

Now that we are in a good time to take advantage of all our outdoor areas, it is perfect for renovate our garden and add some accessories. Some add the traditional garden dwarfs.. but today we present some very nice insects that you will surely love, especially for thematic environments or simply to add a little color to the garden.

In the market there are many decorative solutions for the garden, among all a wide range of different products and full of color .. here we leave you with these fun ladybugs and wasps for outdoors.

Although we are talking about the garden, both ladybugs and wasps can add them to a beautiful balcony or terrace, to an interior patio … whatever the case, these lovely insects are available for you.

Both items are made with bowling balls, reused to form ingenious little animals that will brighten our entire garden. The person in charge of these great decorative garden solutions is Judi Wedemeyer. This woman had the great idea of ​​giving a touch of color to the lawn of her home … so having the raw material, she had only to assemble, assemble and paint.

The idea, which Judi took from Birds & Blooms, we can find it right there .. even if it is in English .. the practice or step by step is very simple, we will have no problems and surely we can think of other models to make them.

If not, we can substitute some of the materials, such as bowling balls, polystyrene balls, plastic balls … etc and then paint them. We can always translate the web with which we can find on the net and make these magnificent outdoor objects.

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