Decorate your garden with stones

Decorate your garden with stones

In today's article we will talk about the use of natural stones, for the decor of our yard. If you have some projects in mind, surely the stones give you a good inspiration.

Think of it as natural elements that will provide us with the structure of the garden, the stones are a great element to add or integrate into it. There are many types of these, of shapes and colors such as boulders, masonry stones for walls, carved stones perfect for battering … colored stones … we can also paint them.

The decoration with stones in the garden offer great solutions for decoration, we can make with them beautiful compositions together with plants and flowers. Make beautiful corners with a selection of stones.

We just have to be clear about the style we want to give the garden because the stones come great for rustic environments because we can use them to create masonry stone walls, for example, and thus provide a very natural effect.

We can also use the stones in more modern styles, in this type of environment we can put stones of boulders of different materials such as granite stones or even marble. This type of stones will also be great for holding flower beds. Anyway we can also create ingenious designs with them.

But if yours are oriental environments and you want to give this look to your garden, the first thing we will do is use stones. The use of them is indispensable. But within the oriental style we can perfectly combine small stones and larger stones … in this way it is played with the visual effect that the different dimensions offer.

As you can see we can use many types of stone for our garden, either to help create some walls, to create paths within the garden, to hold certain systems or to serve as a division within the same place.

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