Decorate your home with plants

Decorate your home with plants

Dear friends of Decoration and Gardens, today we will love to talk to you about the implementation of plants within our decoration.

If you want to talk about interior decoration, try a much cooler style .. here are some types of plants that will be the most suitable for growing indoors.

The magic of plants is that their presence in any corner is able to decorate spaces giving them a fresh and relaxed look. When you go to choose your plant, do not get carried away with the impulses, and keep these aspects in mind.

How much space do you have?

When we use natural plants we must take into account the space We have at home. We can't put a ficus benjamina Huge if we don't have spacious rooms. Sometimes we make the mistake of impulse buying the plant and forget that it is a living being. Keep in mind that decorative plants are not a static element, but change and will grow more so you have to know the size that you will acquire in adulthood. The advantage of thedecor with plants is that it brings to the home an agile and versatile decoration.


Like in the fashion There are also trends in plants. In recent years, the crass plants, of very fleshy and sculptural leaves of little irrigation.

They take a lot of decorative plants that need little care for the busy pace of life we ​​lead. If we have a dark room that does not have much light we can look for plants that need little lighting, generally narrow-leaf plants that with little green leaf adapt to low light. If the plant becomes very large, cut it and use those same leaves in a vase to decorate another corner of the house as a cut flower.

Where to place the plant

When the plant grown is large should not put it in a place of passage because it will remove light and hinder the movement of the house. It is necessary to look for a corner near a window of the house where the natural light suits them but not the direct sun.

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