Decorate your interiors with plants

Decorate your interiors with plants

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about how to include the plants in our home You know that we love decorating with plants, they transmit joy, color and provide a great aroma to our rooms.

Create more pleasant and relaxed environments with the pantas, they will also help us reduce the powder we have and carbon dioxide and other gases.

But like everything else, indoor plants also have some cares, to maintain and develop optimally.

If you want to beautify your rooms with these brushstrokes of color, remember to choose species that suits the home or are unique indoor.

We must inform ourselves correctly of the demands and needs that the species that we have bought and want to cultivate require. Thus we can provide all the requirements of the plant.

To locate the plants we have to be clear about some things, for example if you can give them more or less sun. All plants are not the same, some you can have next to the window, for example in the kitchen with some aromatic herbs.

But others may need more shade because the sun is harmful. Place the windows that need more lighting.

Remember that it is not advisable to change the plants too much, it is not good for their development. Avoid putting plants very close to the heating.

We can decorate anyway with plants, either in a vase, in a pot, in hanging pots, in glasses, aquatic plants.

We can also place them in the corners, on pedestals or on any surface. If you have a garden, you are interested in making a beautiful centerpiece with natural flowers.

If you want to place a plant in your bedroom try putting flowers like Begonia or African violet, they are plants that provide calm.

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