Decorate your pots with leather

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you a curious idea to decorate the pots with some leather or a fabric that resists.

We have seen many times, as beautiful ropes are tied through knots .. to raise the pots on the roof.

They are beautiful, but today I leave this picture where we see this but with leather. This time it is not based on knots .. if not cuts!

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<p>With a cutter and a flat surface, where you can work quietly .. you can do something similar to what we see.</p>
<p>Spread the fabric or piece of leather with which you want to decorate. The next step is to take a cutter.</p>
<p>I warn that we must have a good hand, because it consists of making circular cuts. Four cuts to be precise.</p>
<p>If you want, with a compass, you can mark as many circles as large and long you want the decoration to be.</p>
<p>Go drawing the circles from a small one, in the center of the fabric and gradually enlarging it.</p>
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