Decorate your pots with Neon

Decorate your pots with Neon

Good morning friends! Today we dedicate the space to talk about how to decorate some of the pots, that we have at home, with Neon.

If you have any pots Spoiled before throwing them away, you may want to learn how to renovate and decorate them in other ways.

There are endless techniques and ways to do it, today we will explain how to renew a pot with Neon and so we can put it where we like.

This pot of pottery presents some blows and chipping, but we can fix it by recycling this pot and find another activity or the same but fixed.

To give a new look to your crockery pots you will need insulating tape, the pots you want, a sponge or brush and the most important thing will be the neon acrylic paints or in bright colors.

Remember that the colors will be very bright neon or metallic, with a final finish of the most attractive.

To make a first impact, the most beautiful we must clean the pot of impurities. In this way it removes soil and other things that the pot can have. So we can paint it without problems of certain lumps.

Let the pot dry very well, then put some insulating tape where you do not want to repaint with another color.

When you mask the areas that you are not going to paint, trace the drawing you want and help yourself to paint it with a brush or sponge.

To make the neon paint perfectly and look even more radiant, you can put a white base, so it will catch better and the neon will stand out much more.

Try to paint the pot uniformly, so that there are no gaps left unpainted … we want a good job to then be able to decorate the garden, the windows, the floor or where you put the pots.

Add some undiluted neon paint to the brush and spread the paint along the white base, give several layers if necessary.

If you want to create striking and creative effects, insert several colors … you'll see how bright and attractive!

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