Decorate your pots with stones

Hi guys, today I leave an example of how to renew your pots using stones of all kinds.

Surely at home you have some pots, some more than others! it may also be that you have tired of some of them. If this is so, you can always renew them .. give them a color change, add some elements or even fix stones on them.

The pots are very decorative, that is … I see that they are articles with which we can decorate very easily … both them and the room where they are.

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<p>You can decorate pots both outdoor and indoor. It doesn't matter, either, how big or small it is.</p>
<p>The important thing is to be clear where we are going to locate the pot and what we want to decorate it from. He thinks that if he is going to be outdoors, his thing is to use some material to decorate … which can rain and give low temperatures.</p>
<p>If it is indoor, you can do it as you want .. since the pots are much more sheltered.</p>
<p>If, for example, you have pots decorating the kitchen … it is an idea to add a little life, decorating them to your liking.</p>
<p>This time I emphasize decorating the pots using, for this, different stones.</p>
<p>To make them softer and not hurt, when we go to catch it, you can put smooth stones … without edges.</p>
<p>You can fix the stones with putty, white cement or another product that you think is more convenient.</p>
<p>An idea is to use stones of different colors, maybe you can make a beautiful design. This for the most natural.</p>
<p>Now, you can also paint the stones … once fixed to the pot. In this way you can also create beautiful designs like the ones we see.</p>
<p>As you see decorating pots is more entertaining than it seems, you will have fun .. you can even let your children decorate a small one .. while you take care of the large ones.</p>
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