Decorate your roof with plants

Decorate your roof with plants

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about some ideas to decorate any roof.

If you have a roof and want to decorate it, here we leave you some great solutions that also do not have to be expensive.

You can create beautiful compositions, on the roof, that enhance and take advantage of the space. Doing it with plants will be ideal to create very natural environments.

You can do it with planters or pots of different sizes, locate the plants you want in them. But it is very important to inform you well of the conditions and demands that planted species require.

This will depend, in large part, on the development of plants. Therefore it is better to be well informed.

Atmospheric agents we must take them into account, remember that on a rooftop the plants are exposed to wind, rain, snow. We must be prepared for that and therefore we will choose more resistant species or incorporate some protection.

If you want to decorate your roof with plants and flowers, remember that irrigation is important. Keep an eye on this one, because you may have to do it more frequently.

With evaporation they will surely need more water to grow healthy and strong. So we will have a beautiful roof garden.

Evaporation occurs with the sun, heat and with the wind itself … and on the roofs it usually does. Water, as a rule, every day. Both in summer and winter … but watch the doses because we do not want to drown the plant.

You can establish a drip irrigation system, this will be the best option. Add pots of different or equal color and design. You can put planters and beautiful plants. You will see what an attractive result!


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