Decorate your small terrace - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate your small terrace – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to present some great ideas to decorate our balconies or terraces. If you do not have a patio, garden or a large outdoor space … here we leave you some great options as an inspiration to get the most out of our terraces.

Normally these tend to be, today, rather small and small. Therefore we will try to focus on the comfort of these spaces, to have them as a cozy corner that serves as a reflection, to take a nap, to sleep .. have breakfast .. etc.

Create a small area chill out it will be great for us .. in this case we will only have to add some minimalist sofas and cushions. For the lighting we will place candles and a wonderful garland .. which can be made of oriental light bulbs so that the entire balcony will be illuminated. Finally, surround the terrace with great plants … so we will get privacy and we can be even more relaxed.

But if you are a cheerful person and you love the retro style and the strong colors … we can get some grid furniture, in the 60's plan and to these we add a nice modern touch with some cushions and cushions of strong colors. Complete everything with a great rug in the same colors and a fantastic chandelier .. so we will not lack light. Nor will we lack the plants.

If you love a pretty ethnic style decorate with furniture in wood, natural fibers or brass, always looking for a certain rustic and handmade finish. Add ceramic elements and glass cages as decoration. In addition the plants and a good lighting based on candles will do the rest.

Finally if you want to have a great terrace to receive visitors and make small meetings nothing better than placing a few colorful chairs, always foldable so as not to bother. One or two pouf will make us a good plane .. we will also add some chandeliers or great floor lamps, elegant curtains and some plants .. that should never be missing!

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