decorar con lavanda

Decorate your spaces with Lavender

Today I propose to decorate with the striking and aromatic Lavender, some of your favorite spaces. Remember that this plant gives off a very special smell, a smell captured in some perfumes and colognes, in some cosmetics or body gels. This delicious little flower has a very special color, a hue with which we can combine neutral colors such as white.

Decorating our spaces with Lavender is easier than it seems. You can do it with the fresh flowers, grow them and put it near your windows. In this way we will contribute to three things, decorate, aromatize the space and also prevent mosquitoes and other species from entering your home.

If you fill some containers with lavender, you can also do it with the dried flower, the delicious smell that it gives off is an alternative to eliminate odors. Smell of tobacco, for example, is one that eliminates. You can put some lavender in the living room or in those spaces where the smoke arrives and add it in a beautiful bowl on the table.

Decorate with this plant in small jars that you want to recycle and place them in the kitchen or bathroom. A bouquet of Lavender will be perfect in this last place, in addition these places should offer calm and tranquility for what they are built.

decorate with lavender

An idea to decorate the doors is to make a kind of cone or cartridge, where to introduce this type or another flower that you like more. With a ribbon you can hang it on the wall, it will be beautiful. You can also create the same technique and then decorate the backs of the chairs, for example for a party or even for a wedding. Centerpieces, aromatic herbs in the kitchen, in small jars or cans for recycling, dried, fresh … Lavender can be used in decorating in many different ways.

decorate with lavender

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