Decorate your terrace. Economic Advice

Decorate your terrace. Economic Advice

Good Morning! Today in Decoration and Gardens We want to give some ideas or advice to decorate our terrace and make the most of this space. As we know the spring invites you to breathe air, read outdoors, reflect in the sun …

As spring is here we have no time to lose! If you want to decorate your terrace, balconies, patios … economically, here are some tips.

The first thing we will do is really look at the space we have and want to take advantage of it .. take measures and so we will get an idea of ​​the dimensions we have to organize, distribute the furniture and accessories.

Try not to have more space than we really have, otherwise everything will remain as a decorative conglomerate and we do not want this.

Think that if you do not have a very buoyant economy, the first thing we will do will be to spend on what is right and what we need, no unnecessary things … these, with the passage of time we can get some and decorate the terrace little by little.

Think that even if your terrace is small, we can achieve a practical, functional, beautiful and comfortable space.

With spring come bright colors, cheerful rooms and the aroma of freshness … so we will update the furniture we have on the terrace .. can be painted and restored with pleasant colors, for example green, yellow, pink, violets, oranges … if they are strong and vibrant tones better, they are on the rise and give much more joy.

If you have tables and chairs, paint them with pleasant colors, which tone and combine with each other to create a balanced atmosphere. We will also paint the chairs … this way we are already taking advantage of the previous furniture we had. If you do not have furniture we can always improvise seats with cushions, type chill-out.

If you don't have a table we can always get a wooden pallet, you just need to clean it well and give it a couple of layers of a color that we like or several!

In an economic terrace we usually resort to restored and / or recycled objects. The fabrics are for something, you can upholster some chairs, some old pillows.

Something important is to add plants and / or flowers to our terrace, these add life and freshness to any room. There are plants of all kinds, surely some goes with you! On the ceiling, placed on the floor, on the railing, on a table .. find your place. Remember that you can use artificial plants that are cheaper.

If you love the natural, the ideal is to make us with materials such as bamboo, rattan and all kinds of natural fibers, if the pocket allows.

Finally the lighting is a very important point we can locate some beautiful lantern or the candles give a very intimate and personal touch, for the best evenings!

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