Decorate your terrace. How to choose furniture

Decorate your terrace. How to choose furniture

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to tell you about the terraces, as external spaces to decorate. Choosing furniture for this home space is sometimes not so simple.

Remember that the key is in the details, lighting, color and furniture that suits the space we have.

Today in our space we will help you to select furniture taking criteria of the real dimensions of the terrace to decorate, the usefulness of them, the material in which they are made … etc.

It is of great importance the size of the furniture, because even if you love it if it does not enter the terrace .. it does not enter and it is best to select another or make custom furniture.

Normally the terraces in the center of the cities are not usually too large, so the furniture we put in should be comfortable, useful and smaller.

Remember that it is very important to know how to take advantage of the space, for this we propose folding chairs, with or without backrest and furniture that can be stacked when you want to have more space.

If you have more space you can think about putting bigger chairs, a table, maybe a sunbed … depending on the space.

The design of the chosen furniture will depend a lot on your taste and the pocket. In the market we can see great and varied designs with different patterns, colors, sizes. You can look for multifunctional furniture, this will help us … for example hollow benches where you can store pillows, blankets … etc.

The functionality of the furniture in the long run will be much more important than the appearance, as this is essential especially for small spaces.

Bet on extendable tables because they take up little space and if there are more people you can always expand.

Something important is to take into account the type of weather we have, the humidity, the rain … all this can spoil the furniture .. so we will select the material that best fits where we live … material, metal, plastic … natural fibers such as rattan ..

If there is a lot of sun, you can always roof the terrace … the materials that we enter in this space must be prepared for the exteriors, so they will last much longer.

The details will be the icing on the cake, it is essential to add a good lighting .. and this will depend on the function you want to give to the terrace .. you can put romantic light with some candles or a small lantern .. a floor lamp for meetings with more people.

A small closet to locate some glasses and plates, a beautiful trunk to put blankets and cushions and other accessories that we will need at any time such as candles, lighters, matches …

The icing on the cake will be some plants!

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