Decorate your terrace with recycled bottles

Good morning friends, today I bring you a great idea to carry out whenever you want.

You will have already realized what I like to recycle, so surely the most regulars to this blog will remember articles on how to recycle plastic bottles to convert them into, for example pots.

But today I bring you this design, particularly, quite nice and in addition to the most decorative. It seems incredible that with a bottle of soda we can get to do these things.

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<p>But effectively with a mere piece of plastic, you can decorate our porches, terraces, balconies, windows or patios.</p>
<p>It is a great idea, I think that his thing is to paint the cap of another color … so it will give a different touch, perhaps more elegant.</p>
<p>To do this it is very simple, just take some bottles that you are going to throw, wash them very well and remove the cap.</p>
<p>Now with something sharp, like a cutter and gloves to avoid cuts .. we are removing both sides of the bottle .. as we see in the image.</p>
<p>Then we add the fertilized soil and cultivate in it or we transplant some beautiful plant, boil or flower that we have in another pot.</p>
<p>Something to keep in mind is to practice some holes in the bottle, in the lower part of it .. that is to say in the base.</p>
<p>This will stimulate drainage and the plants will not drown or the roots will rot.</p>
<p>Finally we just have to hang it wherever you like it … for this, put the cap on them and then tie them with rustic tape if you like it, I love it.</p>
<p>Hang them from the ceiling, outside or inside the house … yes, keep in mind the species you are planting.</p>
<p>Photo: urbangardeningpanama.com</p>
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