Decorate your Window - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Decorate your Window – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! In today's space we want to give you some great ideas to decorate the poyete or sill our windows.

If you were looking for some decorative options, in Decoration and Gardens we want to give you five great ideas that we can put into practice in a few moments. We hope you like them!

It does not matter if it is spring, summer or any season of the year .. the important thing is that we want to decorate this part of the window so that it is very beautiful. If you do not have a garden, it is a good way to introduce plants into your home.

In these ways we can enjoy the flowers in any of the windows of your home. Plant your favorite flowers, some herbs, species … grow a little piece of nature, inside our homes.

In this way the ideas that we bring you today will allow us to decorate the windows in the way we like the most, just with some guidelines.

We give you a lovely touch for your sill, instead of the pots of a lifetime … brings a vintage ingredient with some tea cans, in different colors … the result is great. In these boats we transplant the flowers.

Another lovely idea is to decorate with colored glass and glass vases in different sizes and textures .. ideal to add charm to your window.

The glass will greatly brighten the window, because if it reflects the sun you will have a beautiful flash of colors, translucent light and beautiful shades.

Another fantastic idea is to add candles to the poyete .. it's a pretty romantic way to decorate it. We have a lot of candles to choose options, colors, designs, in the market. further

Another idea is to use all the same elements, that is, decorate your window repeatedly. It will create harmony, they can be the same flowers, the same pots, the same colors, the same candles.

Finally we can decorate with a potpourri of different items for example some great flowers in vases, also add candles and put some plants in pots. Decorate with your favorite plants and bring a touch of joy to your home.

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