Especies con un follaje amarillo

Decorate your yellow garden

Many people choose to decorate their garden species that have yellow foliage. When you are looking to decorate your garden you should choose plants with striking and beautiful flowers, in addition to having a foliage that attracts attention. Today we will give you examples of plants that you can take into account.

Lysimachia nummularia
It is a plant that has a shrill yellow tone in its foliage. It is characterized by going straight on the floor creating a very decorative visual effect, as if it were a yellow carpet. The area that is covered seems to look fluffy. It is a very easy species to reproduce.

Hypericum bush
It is another alternative inside the trees with yellow foliageIt has a medium size and the leaves are intense yellow. Its flowers are quite insignificant in size. Its fruits are striking, they are shaped like small yellow pearls, experts consider it a species with important medicinal qualities.

Milium effusum
The flowers of this plant are very fine, it can be placed in combination with another plant that has gray foliage, so a very beautiful combination will be achieved. It is a grass that self-seeds with great ease as the seeds fall gradually grow spontaneously.

Carex elata
Finally we will refer to another grass plant, it is a carex with an intense yellow color. The fuck is quite bright, especially during spring. As summer approaches, it loses its strong tone and goes out.

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