Decoration with Plants and Flowers

Decoration with Plants and Flowers

Today in Decor and Gardens we want to talk about some plants that are used especially in Christmas decoration themes. Although we have already passed these dates, we can take them into account for the coming Christmas.

Many of us look for natural plants or flowers to beautify all our environments, especially on such marked dates … we even look for pines, spruces or natural firs, if we have a nice garden or to introduce it at home.

But in addition to the well-known spruce, there are other plants that are very beautiful and we can have them present at festive times such as Christmas.

As exotic plant we can include the Christmas Cactus. This plant of cacti nature and one meter in length, usually comes from Brazil … its stems are cylindrical and from these emerge beautiful segmented leaves and plants. They are usually green and reddish in adulthood. The flowers they have we will see in pink or red tones.

One of the best known plants is the Poinsettia or poinsettia… surely you have seen a lot of this type of flower … red and beautiful with good Christmas lights. But unlike many believe, this flower can not only be found in red, there are several variants of colors.

Its romantic lines make it the perfect idea to decorate our favorite gardens, tables and corners .. providing a simple and beautiful touch to the environment. These can also look great in the hall. If we plant them, they can last several years, but we must prune and care for them.

In addition to the Poinsettia, we can count on the elbow bush. This is evergreen, and these are characterized by the shape of their leaves … ideal for making Christmas centerpieces and other ornaments.

So you already know! around here we leave you some ideas for the next Christmas!

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