Commercial landscape insurance

Did you know that commercial landscaping insurance exists?

On some occasion we mentioned in our brother Blog Insurance what are some of the strangest policies that exist, and this time we bring up the issue because In recent times it has become common for professionals to acquire commercial landscape insurance, with which to cover any possible problems that may arise as a result of planting and care of grass, landscapes and gardens.

And what do commercial landscaping insurance cover?

Well, commercial landscaping insurance is made in different ways to include any of our needs, and One of those that we can mention is the Commercial Civil Liability coverage, especially focused in case we have any bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising that arises from the commercial operations carried out.


Of course, if this were not the right one for us, we can find some other commercial landscaping insurance in different companies, among which those of Property of buildings and other assets used in the business, Commercial cars, Commercial income and additional expenses, Crime and fidelity coverage, Maritime land coverage and Limited coverage for the application of pesticides / herbicides.

Well, those mentioned above are what we could consider the most traditional commercial landscape insurance, although in some parts of Spain and Europe it is possible to find services such as supplementary commercial policies, workers' compensation or commercial car insurance, civil liability for work practices and even life insurance for our staff.

Although many of these insurances and policies are common in "cool" sites such as Miami, the truth is that little by little they are also being adopted in other parts of the planet and in Spain more and more professionals in the field want to cover their backs.

If you dedicate yourself professionally to it, do you hire any commercial landscape insurance?

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