Plantas acuáticas

Different aquatic plants

It is essential to know that there are three different types of plants for your pond. Each of the types will have a different purpose within the created ecosystem. Some will be decorative while others will have another objective.

The submerged plants, as their name indicates, they will live submerged in the base of a pond. These plants are the first ones you should place. They are the filter that requires every pond. They will be responsible for providing oxygen in the water through a process of photosynthesis.

The marginal plants they are the ones that will live on the edges or margins of the ponds, in these places the water is quite flat. A part of the plant lives in the water and another outside it, on the surface. They are ideal to give the pond a connection with the rest of the garden. Many of them bloom and without the ideal shelter for many beneficial animals in the habitat.

The floating plants they are the ones that float on the surface of the water. Many of them do not have the need to anchor the roots. They have the purpose of maintaining the limit of the growth of the algae, in addition they are in charge of limiting the sun that enters the depths of the pond. They are really very beneficial in the ponds. Keep in mind that the excess of the algae causes the water to have too much organic material and end up becoming cloudy.

In some cases it may be beneficial to add some fish. Those who will be responsible for avoiding mosquito pests or that frogs invade the place. The best are known as goldfish or goldfish. It is a species that is characterized by growing very fast and swimming at high speed.

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