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Different nuts trees for your garden

A second article in which you can learn about some of the main characteristics of nut trees. We invite you to read the previous article to know more species.

Scientific name Castanea sativa
The chestnut tree is a tree that lives for many years, its bearing is majestic, its short trunk and its crown is wide. Although you can live very well at sea level, the ideal is to grow it between 500 and 1200 meters of altitude. Although it requires enough water, waterlogging determines the death of the tree.

Australian Macadamia or Walnut
Scientific name Macadamia integrifolia.
This shrub does not exceed 5 meters high. The fruit is used for food and is also used in the cosmetics industry. It can be consumed raw, roasted and salted. The tree adapts perfectly to subtropical climates. Does not withstand frost.

Scientific name Juglans regal.
The walnut is a very colorful tree that reaches 25 meters high. Very sensitive to droughts, if the amount of water it receives is insufficient or irregularly given, irrigation must be used to achieve normal tree development and good nut production. During the spring you should not receive frost.

American nut or pecan nut
Scientific name Carya illinoinensis.
The American walnut is a large tree that can reach 60 meters high. It is a dried fruit that is called as American nut because of its resemblance to the traditional nut, although the shape is more elongated and the crust is smoother. It is consumed naturally, its flavor is really pleasant and offers the body different nutrients. It is not yet known much in all markets.

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