Árboles de frutos secos

Different nuts trees

We will refer to different nuts trees that you can have in your garden.

Scientific name Prunus amygdalus
The almond or almond is a species that can be classified as rustic. It is ideal for warm areas, is not tolerant of cold and tolerates droughts well.

If frosts occur at the time of flowering, the harvest can be completely canceled. In many cases it is necessary to place pollinators that coincide in flowering with the chosen variety.

Scientific name Anacardium occidentale
The cashew tree grows wild in many countries of tropical climates, where there should be no frost. The cashew nut is elongated, fleshy, yellow or red. Its fruits when roasted become edible, when raw they contain a toxic oil.

Scientific name Corylus hazelnut
It is a shrub that does not exceed 5 meters high, its crown is extended and irregularly shaped. It is a plant that adapts perfectly to temperate climates, its distribution area is wide. It should be noted that the hazelnut is a species that suffers from droughts, before the smallest drought the fruits begin to fall prematurely, which causes the harvest to be reduced. A large part of hazelnut crops are self-incompatible, so if you want to have a commercial plantation, two or more intercalated varieties should be planted.

Scientific name Quercus ilex.
Above this tree is very common in the Mediterranean area. When it is in optimal conditions it can reach 30 meters high. It is a tree that withstands cold and heat, also drought. Acorns are the fruit of the Oak. It is used to feed livestock and human food, can be consumed directly or cooked.

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